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Central Coast Technologies was established in April of 2008. In previous years we supported our retail / business customers at our 1200 square foot Computer Shop which was located at 7355 El Camino Real Atascadero, CA (The Adobe Plaza). We currently offer onsite Computer Repair Services throughout San Luis Obispo County (SLO).

Computer Repair in SLO County

If your Computer is slow, or you’re experiencing Blue screen errors; we provide onsite diagnostics. Often times slow computers can be fixed with Virus/Spyware removal. Errors can be remedied by performing PC Diagnostics to isolate the issue.

Website Development in SLO County

Website presents is crucial with the world of evolving technology. We build extensive backend functionality, and strive to produce the best Web design appeal for eCommerce Shopping Cart Websites. If you have a large paper trail we convert paper to digital forms (spreadsheet / database applications).

Computer & Network Solutions

CCT is backed by over 18 years of Professional Engineering IT & Helpdesk experience. We fix: Broken Network connections, Broken Wireless connectivity, Broken Laptops, and broken Desktop Computers.
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Onsite Computer & Software Training: Start your next Project

CCT is here to help you with your technical needs. We provide onsite computer / technology training. Are you struggling to navigate Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Google Docs? We have dedicated training courses and a Website training platform to help guide you through the computer programs and cloud based applications.

Meet Jeremiah Jurgenson

Over 18 Years of IT Experience

Jeremiah started his professional career in the field of Computer Repair back in 2003 while in High School. Jeremiah worked with Computer Stuff (Morning Star Solutions).

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About Our Clients

General Electric: Telematics Installations
VFW: Surveillance Updates & Repairs
GPSITT: Camp Roberts, heavy Equipment Tracking