Electronic eWaste Recycling

This was a short lived project involving the recycling of Electronics (eWaste recycling). The project involved the dismantling and recycling of almost any electronic device you can think of. Components included: Computer Towers: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard Disk Drives, and power supplies.

The goal behind recycling of electronics is to reduce landfill occupancy of old electronics, and isolate commodities, and or resale / glean / refurbish items (computers) for repurpose.

This also involved the use of a Hard Drive shredder to permanently destroy Hard Drives containing sensitive data, and keep track of those serial numbers in a database.

Cisco Switches

Nintendo GameCube Motherboard

Apple G4 Aluminum

Green Motherboards

Green Motherboard

Dell Towers

Dell Dimension 390 Tower

Dismantling Electronics

dismantling electronics

Integrated Circuits Motherboard ISA

old motherboard

Platter - Hard Disk Drive

Platter Hard Disk Drive

Power Supply Circuit Boards

Shred Steel PC Towers

Desktop 80MM Fans

Old CPU's

Desktop Power Supplies

Blue Motherboard

Blue Motherboard

Western Digital 160GB HDD

Cable Ends

Cable Ends

Gold Plated Wireless Antenna

Wireless Antenna Gold Plated

Low Grade Circuit Board

Low Grade Circuit Board

Plastic Mixed Colors

Power Plug Ends

Power Plug Ends