Laptop Computer Repair

We fix all types of Laptop Computers.  If your computer won’t turn on, we will diagnose the failing component in the Laptop. Often times replacing the failing component is more cost effective than purchasing a new Laptop Computer. If you’re Laptop is slow, we will determine the cause. Some times computers just need general cleaning of the startup entries, other times it could be a failing component like the SSD or HDD [ Storage Device ] on the computer. If you need help installing or configuring new programs we provide onsite Software Installation & configuration services for your Laptop Computer.

Laptop Computer Brands We Repair:

CCT will repair any brand of Laptop Computer. Common Brands include: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus.  If you need your data moved to a new computer we provide a data migration service. with our DMS [ Data Migration Service ] we recommend you keep the old drive [ 2.5in] incase you ever need to recover old data later on. We can migrate databases, software configurations, and profile configurations – MySQLi Databases, Address Books, Quickbooks [.QBB / QBW] files, and many other software configured profiles.

Dell Laptop Computer

Here are some reasons why the Laptop won’t turn on:

1. The DC-Jack where you plug-in from the wall to the Laptop is damaged
2. The Power Adapter / Wall-Brick is failing
3. The Backlight / LCD-LED Screen is failing
4. The Laptop Motherboard is damaged
5. Water Damage / liquid spill occurred

Laptop Power Adapter (Brick)

Laptop Computer Upgrades:

If you need to expand storage capacity we can clone / image the contents of your existing Hard Drive or SSD [ Solid State Drive ] to a new higher capacity storage drive [ 2.5in ]. Sometimes a newly installed Program requires more RAM / Memory. We will asses the computer hardware and determine the hardware specifications needed to match the right product upgrades. If you need a faster Video Card for AutoCAD / Gaming unfortunately that can’t be done with current technology. You can however add a USB video card for multiple screens / monitor support.

Laptop Memory (RAM)

Virus / Spyware Removal & Cleaning:

If you’re experiencing slow performance on your Laptop, this could be a result of Viruses or Spyware. CCT performs Virus / Spyware removal services onsite. We clean out the Temporary storage directories: [ C:\Windows\temp ] and the Local users account temp folders [ %temp% ] pertaining to each user profile on the Desktop Computer. We also take a look at the computers registry entries, often times malicious software stores entries tied to the systems registry. In addition to the manual cleanup process we disable and re-enable System restore where those infections will try to manifest later down the road. Sometimes a fake Anti-Virus Program try’s to trick the user into purchasing it to remove “viruses” when in fact the real threat is that very program – “Rogue Anti Virus”.

AVG AntiVirus