Beautiful Sunsets in Shell Beach

Shell Beach is located off Highway 101, a beautiful stretch of Coastal bluffs, vista points, and caves. One of my favorite spots in Shell Beach is next to the Cliffs Resort, just before you get to Pismo Beach heading South on HWY 101.

Shell Beach CA Sunset 87
The sunsets in Shell beach between large rocks near Avila Beach

When you arrive at the Cliffs resort in Shell Beach, you can access free public parking with a limited number of spaces available right at the Cliffs Resort parking space. Those areas are marked with signs designated to Beach access. Once the parking mission is complete, you can follow the trail on the North side of the Cliffs resort to access the stairs the lead to Shell Beach. You will cross a small bridge with a stunning vista point of the rocks and coastline looking out towards Avila Beach, and Pirates Cove.

Once you’ve made the hike downstairs towards Shell Beach, watch out for green moss and sneaky wet lands, it can be quite slippery. I’ve nearly dropped my camera on several occasions, while capturing the beautiful sunset in Shell Beach, California.

The large rock formations, and huge bluffs make for breath taking views over the ocean waters in Shell Beach, during low tide you can more easily access some coastal viewing just below the Cliffs resort on the South side.

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