San Simeon Earthquake 2003 & Paso Robles

How the San Simeon Earthquake affected downtown Paso Robles

When the 2003 San Simeon earthquake occurred I was in the town of Lemoore, CA (78 miles North East of Paso Robles, CA). I noticed the walls inside the Motel were wavy from top to bottom. There was no way to get under the bed because the the under bed area was blocked off with wood siding. Back to this earthquake that struck in San Simeon, I arrived back in Paso Robles the day this earthquake occurred, and was able to witness the aftermath in Downtown Paso Robles. Even though the earthquake occurred in San Simeon it caused extensive damage around Paso Robles, CA.

The Acorn building was severely damaged as a result of the San Simeon Earthquake back in 2003. I have posted photos of the Paso Robles downtown before, and after the Earthquake occurred. You’ll see photos of the Acorn building in August of 2003 (before the earthquake), and December of 2003 shortly after the San Simeon earthquake. I’ve posted photos of the Acorn building during demolition as I worked with Portney Construction (AKA Portney Environmental) at the time performing traffic moderation, and brick removal after the earthquake.

After the San Simeon earthquake – You could see hot steaming sulfuric water puddles around the Paso Robles City Library (parking lot). You could also smell the sulfur. To this day the sulfuric smell lingers around Paso Robles, Particularly Paso Robles Street – I believe this is close to where the Hot Spring water from downtown is now diverted into the Salinas River. Keep in mind the Paso Robles Inn – across from the city library in Paso Robles – was once a place of natural hot springs! You can still find a large active hot spring in Paso Robles called “Franklins Pond” – a place people visit to soak in the sulfuric warm water.

Paso Robles Acorn Building Before the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake


Paso Robles Acorn Building After the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake Rebuilt


These are some photos of the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake aftermath. Included are photos of the Paso Robles Library Parking Lot, How my bedroom survived the earthquake, and photos of Pan Jewelers (this was a business located on the first story of the Acorn Building) – Major devastation as a result of the earthquake in 2003.

Paso Robles Library Hot Springs


Pan Jewelers Bricks after Earthquake


Paso Robles Inn after Earthquake


Pan Jewelers Paso Robles Street View

Pan Jewelers San Simeon Earthquake


My Bedroom after the Earthquake

my bedroom after the san simeon earthquake

Here are some photos of the Demolition project I worked on with Portney Environmental as a result of the San Simeon Earthquake – This is before the restoration of the Acorn Building in Paso Robles, CA

Brick Demolition after the San Simeon Earthquake 2003

Brick Demolition San Simeon Earthquake 2003

acorn building demolition paso robles

Brick Demolition to the Left

Brick Demolition & Foundation

Below are photos of the Acorn Building in Paso Robles after restoration as a result of the San Simeon Earthquake in 2003

Clock Tower Paso Robles

Clock tower Paso Robles

Clock Tower Wide

Clock Tower B & W

Below are various other photos of restoration in Paso Robles after the earthquake

Mastagni Building Paso

Mastagni Building PR

Mastagni B & W

Acorn Building Paso

Clock Tower Paso Robles

Clock Tower Paso Robles, CA

Clock Side View