Slab City

Slab city is a popular snowbird destination – This region of Southern California is located in Imperial County. This is a free home to those that can survive the extreme summer weather of the Sonoran Desert; reaching temperatures of 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit!

Salvation Mountain Sign

Salvation mountain sign Slab City

Slab City Art

Slab City Cement Art

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain Slab City

Car PC Parts & Bullet Shells

Car computer parts, bullet shells, Slab City, CA

Slab City Birds Eye View

Birds Skylight Slab City

Sky light blue birds slab city

Tire Art Slab City

Tire Art slab city

Mutagen Car Slab City

Mutagen Car Slab City

Rusty swing car seats Slab City

Rusted swing car seats Slab City

Reptilian Brain Slab City

Reptilian Brain Slab City

Too Hot for TV Slab City

Too hot for TV Slab City

Cement Wall Art Slab City

Cement Wall Art Slab City

Yellow Brick Road Sign

Yellow Brick Road Sign Slab City

Salvation Mountain Painting

Salvation Mountain painting project Slab city

Hay & Windows Slab City

hay and windows Slab city

Mutagen car & Spokes

Mutagen car, spokes, slab city